‘Time warp’ Volvo fetches £5,000 at King’s Lynn auction

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UGC image for Lynn News ANL-140327-113230001
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A 1987 Volvo 340 in mint condition with only 132 miles on the clock which went under the hammer in Lynn on Saturday sold for £5,000.

Usually a car of this age and model would sell for around £250, but this vehicle, which had been kept in a garage for around a quarter-of-century captured the interest of would-be buyers globally.

“There had been such an interest in the Volvo before the sale that we really didn’t know quite what to expect when the time came for the bidding,” said Lyn George, a director of Anglia Car Auctions, on Beveridge Way, where the car was sold on Saturday.

Details about the car’s forthcoming sale made national headlines and it was featured on the front page of Yahoo!

“There were several people bidding for the car – there were two on the phone and several people in the hall, although it’s hard to say exactly how many were bidding,” she said.

“The sale was unbelievable and this car was quite unique.”

She confirmed that the car has been bought by someone in the Newmarket area.

The car’s exceptional condition for its age had been described as being like something from “a time warp”, by Anglia Car Auctions director Rob George.

The silver grey Volvo had originally been bought from a dealer in Essex by an elderly man.

In 1987, the average price for a new Volvo of this model would be around £7,000.

The elderly man gave up driving after he had had a minor scrape with a bollard at his local garden centre.

This only resulted in a very minor graze to the driver’s side front wing.

After that, the car was put away in a garage, and came to light after the man’s death.

Every part of the car was in pristine order – and despite its long stay in a garage, it started and ran without any problems and there was no sign of any corrosion.

It still had its original Volvo paper mats, the original battery and under the bonnet, the car was in just as good as order as its interior – spotless.

The two-door car has a 1.7litre engine which develops 80bhp, has a 0-60mph time of 13.5 seconds and a top speed of 105mph.