Titchwell Tick-list, May 2, 2017

Boy sitting on rocks looking out over beach and sea. Wildlife Explorers at Titchwell RSPB Reserve, Norfolk. May 2004
Boy sitting on rocks looking out over beach and sea. Wildlife Explorers at Titchwell RSPB Reserve, Norfolk. May 2004
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With another two Bank Holidays on the horizon it can be a little stressful finding activities that will keep everyone amused, not involve a two hour drive and keep within a limited budget.

We think that RSPB Titchwell Marsh has the perfect answer. Titchwell Marsh is not surprisingly one of the RSPB’s most popular reserves.

With freshwater lagoons, woodland trails and a stunning beach, it’s the perfect place for a family to spend the day.

These days nature reserves are a far cry from the sombre places they used to be where only serious bird watchers dare venture.

These special areas are full of biodiversity and mid to late spring is an ideal time to catch the first butterflies of the season.

Choose a warm, sunny day between midday and late afternoon and take a stroll around the meadow trail.

You are most likely going to spot a speckled wood or orange tip but there are lots of other varieties here too.

Further along the trail, our pools are full of newly hatched tadpoles which will develop into adult frogs by the end of June.

Keen eyed visitors might also spot shy Chinese water deer hiding amongst the tall grasses of the reedbeds or catch a glimpse of a family of water voles who build their homes on the banks of the freshwater pools.

If nature alone is not enough, families can grab an activity pack from the Visitor Centre.

Full of activities and fun things to do, our backpacks are perfectly packed for adventure.

Self-guided trails and a family friendly hide add to the experience and why not hire a pair of binoculars to really appreciate those panoramic views of the reserve and The Wash beyond.

On both Bank Holiday Mondays children can join in with cool, inspiring and learning activities that 
will promote creativity and match their sense of adventure.

For busy families, these ‘wild days’ are the perfect excuse to ditch the same old routine, get outdoors and experience nature up close.

Children (and adults) can enjoy a sense of imaginative play and there is always something to take home as a reminder of a visit to Titchwell.

You’ll be hard pushed to get the children to leave without a visit to the beach where a scavenger hunt along the strandline reveals a wonder of sea treasures.

Shells are always a firm favourite – who can resist picking up one or two to take home?

Remnants of an old RAF tower dating back to the Second World War plays home to crabs, mussels, whelks and limpets but greedy oystercatchers will be on standby eager to snatch a quick meal that’s been dropped by tiny hands.

Walking back along the west bank path you will pass a diversity of wading birds such as spoonbills, greenshanks or common terns.

Children love to stop along this trail and watch a variety of diving and dabbling ducks as they bob in the water foraging for food.

As the afternoon light ebbs away you are likely to see swallows overhead hawking for insects or raptors soaring across the reedbeds also in search of prey.

By the time the family is home, children’s voices will have hushed and eyes will be heavy with sleep having enjoyed an exciting and fun filled day amongst the big skies and wildlife of Titchwell Marsh reserve.