To Be Frank, December 16, 2014: Top 10 of road hogs

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My recent words on what leaves motorists spitting feathers certainly seemed to strike a chord – or blow a gasket, perhaps – with readers.

Brian Baylis, of Wimbotsham, is left fuming worse than a leaky exhaust by drivers’ dreadful behaviour.

So much so, that in response to my highlighting a national survey of motorists’ top ten moans, Brian hit back with a top eight of his own!

“I read your column with, to be honest, tremendous interest,” wrote Brian, as the author here blushes, “as I passed my driving test in 1975 and do my best to drive in the manner I was taught by a brilliant instructor.”

Interestingly, out of all the things that made drivers in the national survey see red, the top two worst ones were Brian’s biggest bugbears, too.

Top of the list was people who drive too close behind you. “No 1 has to be tailgating, and regardless of signs in my back window telling them they are too near,” said Brian.

Second was drivers failing to indicate – presuming other people are psychic, as the survey put it. This was my personal biggest moan, so I’m glad I’m not alone.

Brian’s No 3 was a winter classic: “Those driving in appalling conditions, with either no lights on, or just side lights.”

By No 4, Brian was clearly getting steamed up, as his e-mail launched into capitals: “The TREMENDOUS lack of police patrols, except at this time of year to catch drink-drivers.”

There should be a police presence on the roads every day of the year, not just in December, Brian said – something he’s taken up with Norfolk’s police and crime commissioner, Stephen Bett.

This is interesting. I wonder how much better – and let’s face it, safer – our driving would be if we felt we were under the watchful eye of law enforcers?

Fifth on Brian’s list was: “Lorry drivers in the second lane of motorways, who feel the need to ‘overtake’ the lorry ahead, when going uphill, and with no chance of passing for what seems like miles.” We’ve all been there!

Brian’s No 6 was tractor drivers who fail to pull in when they can. (I have to be fair here, and say that in my experience, unlike Brian’s, I find tractor drivers do pull in more often than not).

For No 7, Brian said: “Bus and/or taxi drivers, who feel they are beyond the law, and speed, or pull out in front of an approaching vehicle, as if they have priority.”

He recalled a bus pulled out so abruptly that he had to slam on his brakes, causing their dog to be thrown off the rear seat, even though it was in a harness. Ouch!

Finally, Brian’s No 8 was: “People who can’t park correctly, leaving little space to open doors.”

So do you agree with Brian’s list of blood-boiling driving behaviour? Let me know at the e-mail address above.