Heacham roundabout to open ahead of schedule

GV of the junction at Hunstanton Road Heacham with A149, where work on new roundabout is set to start soon
GV of the junction at Hunstanton Road Heacham with A149, where work on new roundabout is set to start soon

A new roundabout in Heacham is due to open tomorrow, more than three weeks ahead of its original finish date.

The facility, located on the A149 at Redgate Hill, had an anticipated finish date of March 31 when the work was started in September last year.

A spokesman for Norfolk County Council said: “Due to a combination of the excellent work of the contractor, Tarmac and the favourable weather conditions during the project, we are in a position to open the roundabout to traffic earlier than the anticipated finish date of March 31.

“The roundabout will be open to traffic on or around March 8 and it is anticipated that all traffic management will be removed from the A149 and surrounding roads by this date.”

The council spokesman said that it is likely that there will be some final works to complete around the site in the coming weeks, but these will be completed under small localised traffic management arrangements.

No road closures are expected to be needed during this time.

Hunstanton Road has been closed during the six-month period to allow the new interchange to be built.

The plans have found objections from a number of people who said that the roundabout was not needed and alternative access arrangements could and should have been found.

Heacham Parish Council chairman Michael Williamson said: “We are very pleased that the work has finished ahead of schedule, however, in our opinion, the work done there was completely unnecessary.

“We still maintain that the access to the site should have gone through the existing estate. It’s also diminishing the boundary between Heacham and Hunstanton, and the green space between them.”

County road officials said the junction was built in order to satisfy conditions imposed when the development of 166 homes to the south-west of Redgate Hill was granted planning permission in November 2015.