Treasure Quest answer was in the Lynn News

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If you were slightly perplexed by a sentence that appeared in a story on page 4 of last Friday’s Lynn News, then don’t worry ... it was supposed to challenge you. For it was part of an elaborate two-day BBC Radio Norfolk Treasure Quest, broadcast on Sunday and Easter Monday. As fans of the popular show know well, listeners have to help David Clayton in the studio and his team out in the radio car (Ian the navigator and in this case, Sophie Little) to solve the riddles and uncover the clues hidden across Norfolk. The clue in the Lynn News was contained at the end of a story about Sea Life Sanctuary vouchers and said: “The other three should work in any order you care to place them.”

It took some time to work it out but plaudits to Sharon Harris who grasped the clue on Facebook. It was the fourth and final part of a clue and so was important to solve. Sophie Little is pictured at Sandringham visitors’ centre with members of King’s Lynn Cycling Club, who also played a role in the programme. Photo: SUBMITTED