Turnstone, by John Maiden, Tuesday, May 23

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If it really is a woman’s privilege to change her mind, Mrs May certainly took full advantage of it by calling a snap election, after claiming she had no intention of doing so.

When the going gets tougher than expected in negotiations to leave the EU, perhaps she will also change her mind about a second referendum.

Almost half the electorate would probably welcome such a u-turn, but it might be considered a betrayal by those who voted to leave last year.

When the Labour manifesto was published, Mrs May accused Mr Corbyn of wanting to go back to the 1970’s, but at the same time she is advocating a return to grammar schools and intends to lift the ban on fox hunting.

Perhaps this explains why Mrs May seems reluctant to debate issues with Mr Corbyn. The outcome of the general election could have a bearing on one issue that is currently the subject of an online petition.

Brian Holmes is well known for wanting to see a return of the Lynn to Hunstanton railway, so it was fitting that he met the person responsible for launching a petition intended for just that.

Georgina Turner lives near Ely, but her parents live in Hunstanton, so she has first-hand experience of sitting in stationary traffic on the A149.

She recognises this is a source of frustration for many hoping to enjoy a day by the sea. Not only does the queue have to be endured on the journey to Hunstanton, it also has to be suffered on leaving.

Meanwhile, local people wishing to go about their day-to-day business find their route blocked by a solid line of vehicles.

Georgina is well aware that Hunstanton owed much of its original character and appearance to the coming of the railway in 1862, which was the brainchild of Henry le Strange, who realised it would be vital for the growth and prosperity of his purpose-built seaside town.

She believes passionately that reinstatement of the railway could improve the quality of life for 21st Century visitors, as well as for residents currently living in or near the town.

On April 28, Georgina launched the online petition at Change.org to reinstate the railway between Lynn and Hunstanton.

She said: “My decision to open the petition came during a mid-week journey to Hunstanton hampered by an hour-long delay.

“Social media has provided a platform for an initial discussion and some have suggested that the line cannot be brought back, while others question how much of the original track bed remains.

“To answer that question, the majority of the track bed remains. It can be seen clearly online using Google Earth.

“Some areas of the bed have changed use which would provide a challenge, however there do seem to be solutions.”

The petition already has attracted more than 1,000 signatures and regular updates will appear in Turnstone.

If you believe the railway should make a return, please sign the petition at: www.change.org/p/government-reinstate-train-line-from-king-s-lynn-to-hunstanton

If you would like to help with the campaign, please email: le_strange_railway@outlook.com