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Two abandoned kittens rescued from Royal Sandringham Estate one day after RSPCA’s successful sponsored dog walk

Two abandoned kittens were rescued from the Royal Sandringham Estate just a day after a “wonderful” sponsored walk that welcomed dozens of dogs to the grounds.

The RSPCA West Norfolk branch hosted around 60 canines and 40 people for the event, which usually raises around £1,200 for the charity.

Soon after the dog walk, a groundsman at Sandringham called the RSPCA as he had found two kittens left abandoned in a box.

Rescued, Louis and George
Rescued, Louis and George

When the team found the kittens, Helena Redfern, senior of cats at the branch, said they were shy, scared and underweight. The pair were six weeks old but the size and weight of four-week-olds.

Now fittingly named Louis and George, the cats have been given flea and worming treatments and are being introduced to kitten food slowly.

Helena, who is now fostering them, said: “Lots of time is spent with them to help them socialise and play.”

Louis and George at their foster home
Louis and George at their foster home

Louis and George have also been seen by their vet who gave them the all-clear.

Helena said: “Each year we receive numerous phone calls and emails about found or abandoned kittens, pregnant cats.”

Most are born to mums outside or a litter that has been found without a mum.

The cats that the RSPCA rescues can range from very young kittens to those over eight weeks.

Helena said: “Kittens really need their mums at this very young age.

“Our centre is always here to help anyone who is experiencing difficulties with their pets. We encourage people to seek help from rescues before just abandoning their pets. Please reach out.”

This has also brought to light the importance of neutering cats.

Helena said: “It is so important to get your cats neutered for health reasons and to help stop the number of unwanted and abandoned cats.

“As soon as your pet cat is old enough, please spay or castrate them, they must not be allowed outside before neutering.”

Dog involved in the sponsored walk enjoying the sunshine
Dog involved in the sponsored walk enjoying the sunshine

She added: “Female cats can become pregnant from four months of age, and Tom cats will wander for miles to seek a female in heat.”

Female cats can have up to three litters a year, Helena said, resulting in the number of cats increasing each year - meaning that rescues get full up very quickly.

The rescue came just a day after a successful dog walk at Sandringham - with money being raised through all participants receiving sponsorship for the event.

Smiles from dog at Sandringham
Smiles from dog at Sandringham

Mostly, donations for the RSPCA go towards vet bills.

Carl Saunders, general manager of RSPCA West Norfolk, told the Lynn News that vet bills in 2023 “rose by about £20,000”.

This spike in vet bills was due to the conditions in which the animals they rescued were found in.

Carl said: “We are doing the best we can to raise more funds to offset some of the increases.”

Two dogs at the dog walk
Two dogs at the dog walk

Another way the RSPCA is looking for help is through donations to its shops in Hunstanton and Lynn, specifically clothing.

Other ways to help out include shopping on the charity’s Amazon wishlist which can be found on its websitewww.westnorfolkrspca.org.uk

Reporting by Lola Jackson

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