UPDATE: Bawsey scrapyard blaze ‘could burn for up to a week’

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A fire which broke out at a scrapyard in Bawsey last night could continue to burn for up to a week, officials have said this afternoon.

The warning follows a site meeting between fire service chiefs, police, council and Environment Agency officials this afternoon.

However, they stress there has been no sign so far of any river or groundwater pollution.

Fire crews have been at the site on Gayton Road since around 7.15pm on Monday and officials now say they will oversee a “controlled burn” there.

A statement issued through Norfolk County Council a short time ago said: “Due to the quantities of material involved it is difficult to put a definitive time frame on how long this will take, but it’s estimated that it could burn for up to a week.

“This will be reviewed as the incident continues. Firefighters will remain on site 24 hours per day during the controlled burn

“Environmental Health staff from the borough council will be undertaking regular visits to assess any potential impact of the plume on the local community

“To date no signs of pollution have been observed in the local rivers and ground water. The Environment Agency will continue to attend the site and monitor the environment.

Meanwhile, public health officials say anyone who is affected by the smoke should stay indoors and keep their doors and windows closed.

Local residents have also been advised to keep doors and windows shut and avoid spending “unnecessary time” outdoors, while drivers have been told to keep windows and air vents shut, as well as turning off air conditioning, if they have to travel through the affected area.