UPDATE: New flood alerts issued for West Norfolk over tides

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New flood alerts have been issued for West Norfolk’s coastline amid concerns over high spring tides tomorrow morning.

The Environment Agency has issued the alerts, which advise the public to be aware that flooding is possible and to be prepared for it, for Lynn, West Lynn and the Wash frontage and the coastal area from the north of Lynn to Hunstanton.

The main area of concern in those areas had initially been about this morning’s high tides, which were at around 8am. However, officials said they will issue further updates if necessary.

And, shortly before noon today, a revised alert relating to the high tide at 8.45am on Tuesday morning was issued.

The agency said: “We are expecting high tide levels on the North West Norfolk Coast. This is due to a combination of spring tides and a tidal surge.

“We expect to see windblown spray on the prom in Hunstanton and along the coast.”

Meanwhile, a flood alert remains in force for areas around the tidal River Nene and the Wash for high tides until Wednesday.

The agency says: “No significant flooding is expected, but public should be aware of high tide levels.”

Four flood warnings and 38 flood alerts remain in force across England and Wales.

And, with rain expected for much of the day, weather forecasters are also warning of the possibility of localised flooding in the worst affected areas.