Use of hospice pavilion as building site office at Snettisham provokes ‘dismay’

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The fate of a building dedicated to the founder of Norfolk Hospice, Tapping House, which is now being used as a building site office at Snettisham has been strongly criticised.

Several people have said they were “appalled” and “dismayed” to see the Hugh Ford Pavilion, named after the doctor who first founded West Norfolk Home Care, which subsequently became Tapping House Hospice, used as site office and concerned it had not been moved to Hillington.

Pat Stainsby, of Old Hunstanton, a hospice volunteer for 27 years, said: “I am appalled that his Pavilion has been relegated to a builder’s site office.”

Nigel and Jackie Sisson, of Dersingham, said the Hugh Ford Pavilion was a reminder of what Dr Hugh Ford had contributed to the hospice and added: “It is a disgrace if there is no reference to him on the new site.”

And Ion Trewin, of Snettisham, in a letter to the Lynn News published on Friday, said the pavilion should have been transported to Hillington as it had been suggested in a newsletter in 2010 produced by the hospice itself.

However, Lyndsey Carter, chief executive and director of care of the hospice, has explained that although there had been every intention to move the pavilion, costs were prohibitive and there was doubt over whether the building could have been successfully moved.

She said: “When we were planning the move to our new hospice at Hillington it was our intention to bring the Pavilion with us. The cost of moving the Pavilion was extremely high and it also became apparent that, due to the nature of the construction, there were no guarantees that the building could even withstand the move. We were therefore left with little choice but to leave the Pavilion behind.”

She also said that Dr Hugh Ford would never be forgotten by the hospice and his role as its founder would be honoured by dedicating an area of the new building in his memory to be confirmed at the official opening in 2015.