Victory for residents in Hunstanton street parking dispute

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A group of Hunstanton residents has won its fight to retain the right to park on their street outside the main holiday season.

County roads officials have apologised for their handling of the issue in Southend Road and have pledged to reinstate the previous regulations.

The apparent U-turn came just days after residents took to the streets in protest at measures to prevent them from parking on the road in the winter.

Christine Thompson, who led the campaign against the change, yesterday said the decision was “wonderful.”

She said: “Everybody will be over the moon, I think.”

Around 40 residents of Southend Road and neighbouring streets staged a demonstration on Sunday against a change to traffic regulations that would have seen them lose the right to park on Southend Road between November 1 and Good Friday, which they claim they were never consulted about.

The group included people living in nearby Crescent Road, which Mrs Thompson said was most affected by extra parked vehicles.

Norfolk County Council officials had been conducting an investigation into the issue. The resort’s county representative, Richard Bird, had also urged them to find a solution.

And, late on Wednesday afternoon, the authority finally backed down.

Project engineer Helen Underwood said: “We understand how important the longstanding practice of allowing out of season parking on part of Southend Road is to local people.

“It was not our intention to change the waiting restrictions at this location and we’re sorry that we mistakenly identified the whole of the road as having year-round restrictions.

“We will be reinstating the signs showing that out of season parking is allowed on that part of the road as soon as possible.”

Mr Bird said: “The residents have made their case very strongly, it’s been investigated and they have won their very valid argument.

“The authorities have clearly made an error and they have corrected it in a professional manner.

“I was glad to have been of some service to the residents of Southend Road and I hope that there will be no similar actions needed in the foreseeable future.”