VIDEO: Duchess of Cambridge meets Cub Scouts on King’s Lynn visit

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The Duchess of Cambridge has met Cub Scouts in West Norfolk this evening as part of the movement’s centenary celebrations.

Members of packs from across the borough took part in the meeting, which was held at the Scout and Guide Hut in North Wootton.

During an hour-long visit, the Duchess decorated cupcakes, took part in first aid - even having her arm put in a sling - and mental health activities and heard the youngsters renew their Cub Scout promise.

She was also presented with bears dressed as Cub and Beaver Scouts for Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

And she encouraged them to keep up their hard work, saying it had been a “real treat” for her to see them. She also wished them a happy Christmas.

Groups from King’s Lynn, Gaywood and Hunstanton were represented at the meeting.

Ben Colley, group scout leader for the 14th Kings Lynn branch, whose headquarters hosted the event, said: “It’s an amazing evening.

“The guys have all had a great time and learned so much. They’ve learned skills that will stay with them forever.”

His wife, Hazel, who is the branch’s cub leader, showed the Duchess around each of the activities.

She said: “Meeting the Duchess has been the best birthday present this pack could have possibly imagined. It’s an evening they will never forget and the most exciting thing that has happened to me in my time as a volunteer.”Groups from King’s Lynn, Gaywood and Hunstanton were among those represented.

Phil Jordan, a group leader from Gaywood, said he had been recommended to take part by the county commissioner and had six members of his pack at the meeting.

He said: “It’s absolutely fantastic. I’ve been scouting for 23 years and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.”

The visit coincided with the 100th anniversary of the formation of the Cub Scout movement on Friday.

It began with parachute games which aim to prompote co-operation and teamwork, before the Duchess joined youngsters to decorate cupcakes.

She then joined in an activity intended to help the children build positive relationships and improve their confidence and self-esteem by writing things they are good at. The Duchess wrote “bonfire building.”

She also learned some first aid skills and had her arm put in a sling by nine-year-old Dylan McKenna, from Heacham.

He said afterwards: “She was exactly how I expected her to be, really kind.”

Klaudia Louic added: “She was really kind, happy, excited to see us and interested in the cubs.”

The visit was made of the 100th anniversary of the formation of the Cub Scout movement on Friday, when thousands of members will also renew their promise.

The organisation was co-founded by Vera Barclay, who is buried in Sheringham.

There are now more than 150,000 Cub Scouts in Britain, of which nearly a quarter are girls.

Alex Peace-Gadsby, the Scout Association’s chief commissioner for England, said they were “thrilled” by the visit.

She added: “Her sense of duty is an inspiration. She has championed Scouting’s work in the communities and we’re really, really grateful for all of your support.”

Hannah Kentish, the Scout Association’s national youth commissioner, said the organisation was continuing to grow, with waiting lists in areas where there are insufficient group leaders.

She said: “There are young people across the UK who enjoy scouting every week and it’s a great opportunity to showcase scouting in Norfolk.”