VIDEO: Lorry driver’s King’s Lynn headache

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Ever had one of those days ... the lorry driver in this video certainly must have felt the motoring gods had it in for him as he made a delivery in Lynn this afternoon.

The German juggernaut, which was towing a second trailer behind it making if some 50ft in length, had trouble on its way into Purfleet Street as a car was parked in a loading bay.

That meant it could not get around the corner by the dentists and it had to reverse back towards the quay. The owner of the car then came back and drove off, so the lorry could continue its journey.

But shortly afterwards when seeking to make the reverse journey it found a red car with a blue badge had parked on double-yellow lines making it very difficult to get past.

In the end it had to reverse around the corner with great difficulty, incorporating the help of three police officers and a traffic enforcement officer.

Showing a great degree of skill he managed to get around the corner with only the merest bumping on railings by the side of the road. He then reversed straight across King Street into Purfleet Quay, allowing him to turn up towards Tuesday Market Place.

As is the way of these things, the driver of the red car then returned to drive off, seemingly oblivious of the small drama that had played out.