VIDEO: Tweets of the day: Is this noisiest tree in King’s Lynn?

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Those wandering along New Conduit Street in Lynn of an ornithological bent cannot help but notice that one of the trees really seems to come alive at twilight.

Sandwiched between Kenneth Bush Solicitors and Claire’s Accessories, it is a veritable cacophony of tweeting and cooing.

New Conduit Street, King's Lynn ANL-160929-164344001

New Conduit Street, King's Lynn ANL-160929-164344001

Not that unusual, other than this is right in the heart of town in the Vancouver Quarter in what, with the greatest respect, is hardly seen as a haven for wildlife (although the ducks that wander up from the Purfleet seem to like it just fine).

No doubt it is also just as noisy at the start of the day. But the dawn chorus is strictly for the birds in the opinion of this reporter!