VIDEO: Voters have their say on new prime minister

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We may have a new prime minister but, unless you’re a Conservative MP, you haven’t had the chance to vote for Theresa May.

That has prompted calls for an early general election, particularly as Mrs May herself demanded an early poll when Gordon Brown replaced Tony Blair in 2007.

But most of the people who took part in our poll said that was exactly what they didn’t want.

As David Cameron completed some of his last engagements as prime minister this morning, we took to the streets of Lynn to ask voters whether they felt his successor should go to the country.

Of those who took part in our straw poll, 52 people said yes with 77 saying no.

Among the yes voters, Veronica Sekules said: “I think so much has changed since the last election, in every possible way.”

However, she wanted to wait for the Labour leadership election to be resolved, saying a “proper opposition” was needed aswell.

Derek Sillitoe said the fact Mrs May had not faced the voters as leader of her party was enough to justify an early election.

But Patricia Brown felt there was no need to go to the polls again.

She said: “I think we’ve had far too many elections. We’ve got someone who’s going to be very stable and good for the country.”

And Pat Ward pointed out there was no constitutional requirement for a prime minister taking over in mid-term to call an early election.

He said: “We vote for the MP, not the prime minister. There isn’t a box to vote for the prime minister.”

Others insisted that Mrs May should be given a chance as prime minister before the public gives its verdict.

But one voter, who declined to be named, argued her record as home secretary showed she would be “disastrous” in the top job.