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Stradsett vintage rally angry at missing banners

The organiser of a major West Norfolk charity event has accused a highways department of being “petty” and acting like 'jobsworths' for removing and driving off with some of his advertising banners.

Gordon Carson has put nearly 40 banners and 16 boards out across West Norfolk flagging up Stradsett Park vintage rally on May 1 and 2 and has been putting up banners near his home on Fence Bank, Walpole Highway for the last 12 years.

He blamed county highways but Norfolk County Council says: "It wasn't us" - leaving the removal of the banners as something of a mystery.


Mr Carson said: “Advertising is very expensive and takes away proceeds raised for the worthy charities, so roadside banners are the most inexpensive and harmless way to make people aware which in turn makes the show a success.”

He said that the Fence Bank banners, measuring six feet by eight feet, were on either side of the A47, well off the road and securely fixed.

“They survived all of the strong winds we have had recently and I was confident they were safe,” he said. His son Andrew saw them being taken down on Monday.

Norfolk County Council denies responsibility which means it is still a mystery who took the banners down.

Mr Carson said: “I do appreciate the need to control roadside advertising for long term advertising but the highway department, who always make out to be so underfunded and short staffed, came down and removed both banners and took them away. This was in a highways vehicle riding around from one side to the other and then leaving most of the cable ties on the floor which is something I never do.”

Mr Carson has been the main organiser for the vintage rally on behalf of the National Vintage Tractor Engine Club East Anglia Group.for ten years and been involved in the show and been an exhibitor for over 20 years.

“The last two years have been very hard for us with having to cancel the 2020 and the 2021 events due to Covid and the rally losing thousands of pounds of proceeds that would normally be donated to charity.

“This year we are working very hard to make a good comeback and hoping to raise lots of money for local charities that really need help, including the East Anglia Air Ambulance which is our main beneficiary.

“To make the public aware of the show, we promote each year with many roadside banners, signs and in the local newspapers.

“It is a non-profit charity event and we all work and run the event for nothing. It is probably one of the biggest in Norfolk, but less than three weeks before the event, some jobsworth spent taxpayers’ money removing our banners. It's petty and I am appalled and disappointed.”

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