Visitor’s fury over bar’s scooter restriction

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A visitor has claimed she was “humiliated” when staff at a Hunstanton bar stopped her from bringing her mobility scooter on the premises.

Jenifer Anderson had been visiting the resort with her husband Mark when the incident happened at the Waterside bar, in Beach Terrace, last Saturday.

The bar’s manager has insisted there is not enough room to accommodate such vehicles inside the premises and that all would-be customers are welcome there.

But Mrs Anderson, who has multiple sclerosis, claimed she was “shooed” out of the bar and said she had been so disgusted by her treatment that she and her party chose to take their business elsewhere.

She said: “I have been using a mobility scooter for over three years, taking it all over the country. I’ve never ever been turned away. I was humiliated.”

Bar manager Allan Clark confirmed Mrs Anderson had not been permitted to bring her scooter into the building, but maintained that was solely for practical, access reasons and that everyone was welcome to visit the premises.

He said they have experienced problems in the past with scooter users who he claimed had been “driving them round the pub” and knocking tables.

He said: “We just haven’t got the room.”

He added that she had also not been permitted to leave the vehicle in the bar’s foyer as that would have blocked access in and out and pointed out that Mrs Anderson was able to walk a short distance.

He said: “We do have wheelchairs in there but they’re for people who cannot walk at all.”

But Mrs Anderson, who is from Bedford, said she planned to contact both Citizens’ Advice and the Department for Work and Pensions over the issue.

She said: “I’m definitely not letting this go. I can’t help being born with MS.”