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Vital nebulisers donated to St.James Medical Practice by King's Lynn Round Table

Local Round Table fundraisers have paid for three new nebuliser compressors for the Lynn medical practice on County Court road.

The nebulisers, which are provided by the UK based, Asthma Relief Charity and funded by the King’s Lynn Vancouver Round Table; can also be used by patients with COPD , emphysema patients, hospice patients, elderly people,children and sufferers of cystic fibrosis.

St James Medical Practice in King's Lynn.. (43575074)
St James Medical Practice in King's Lynn.. (43575074)

A nebuliser is a small machine used to deliver asthma medication in a mist form.

It does this by vaporising a liquid form of the drug- the mist is then delivered by way of a face mask or mouthpiece.

A nebuliser is also very useful when air entry is very impaired during a severe acute attack of asthma or in chronic respiratory conditions such as chronic bronchitis or emphysema,where poor air entry is a major problem.

A boy using an asthma inhaler. Five million people in the UK alone have asthma (18668743)
A boy using an asthma inhaler. Five million people in the UK alone have asthma (18668743)

King’s Lynn Vancouver Chapter spokesman James Whelan commented “We’re very proud to present these vital nebulisers to St James’ Practice. We appreciate the importance of such equipment in helping local people, not only during the current pandemic, but further into the future.”

The three nebulisers for the practice will be able to be loaned to patients and to administer urgent drugs in mist form.

Dr Moussakou of St James Medical Practice commented “We are extremely grateful for the donation.

"Loaning a nebuliser can make all the difference in clinically appropriate cases and even avoid hospital admissions.

"In the midst of the current pandemic anything that helps patients stay at home and safe is always welcome."

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