Volunteer appeal for King’s Lynn pensioner who is spending £30 a week on dog walking

Diana Hunter with her Miniature Long Haired Dachshunds, Cara and Dizzy''Dog Walkers required ANL-150415-171941009
Diana Hunter with her Miniature Long Haired Dachshunds, Cara and Dizzy''Dog Walkers required ANL-150415-171941009
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A house-bound pensioner who is forced to spend £30 a week to employ a dog walker to exercise her beloved pets is appealing for help.

Diana Hunter, 73, cannot get out to walk dachsunds Cara and Dizzy Lizzy due to the painful ulcers on her feet.

Mrs Hunter, who has had the problems with her feet for two years, is one of a number of older or terminally ill people in West Norfolk who have looked to the Cinnamon Trust for help.

The Trust is now putting out an urgent appeal for volunteers to step forward to help these people and their much-needed pets.

Mrs Hunter, of Old Hospital Mews, Lynn, said: “I’m really hoping that someone will find it in their hearts to help.

“I am having to spend £30 a week out of my pension on dog walking. I am having to cut back on one or two things.

“I don’t want to have to give them up. The oldest one would be devastated . They mean a lot to me and are great company.”

Cara, aged 15, and seven-year-old Dizzy Lizzy enjoy going out in the air for a walk.

Mrs Hunter said: “Dizzy can be funny and likes to be carried a little way and they are never let off their leads.

“It would be such a great help for a volunteer to come forward.”

The Cinnamon Trust, which is the only specialist charity to help pensioners and patients with their pets, has received a glut of requests for help in the Lynn area.

A 12-year-old Jack Russell and a five-year-old Norfolk Terrier, who live in the Magdalene area, are also in need of help.

A spokeswoman for the charity said: “Elderly or ill pet owners become very worried about their ability to care for their pets, feeling that their only option is to re-home them. This is where our national network of dedicated volunteers step in to offer support enabling them to stay together.

“Our aim is to relieve the owners of any worry concerning the welfare of their pets both during and after their own lifetime.

“The benefits of volunteering are exercise and the chance for an animal fix for those who cannot own a pet themselves. You would also know that you are helping someone to keep their pet with them.”

Volunteers must be over 16, although children can walk with parents or guardians. To help contact 01736 758707 or volunteer@cinnamon.org.uk