Volunteer quits Hunstanton In Bloom over theft accusation by councillor

Lynn News
Lynn News

A long-serving volunteer has resigned from his role with a Hunstanton community group, claiming he had been accused of theft by a town councillor.

Pat Richardson announced he was quitting Hunstanton In Bloom during the public question time at last Friday’s meeting, before walking out of the chamber.

He said he had been working for the group last Monday when councillor Steve Ellis accused him of stealing a planter. He said he had been replacing a container and found the remark “offensive.”

Mr Richardson said Mr Ellis, who was absent preparing for the weekend’s Hunstanton Carnival, had apologised, claiming the remark was meant to be light-hearted.

But, although he admitted he had been considering retiring at the end of the year, Mr Richardson said he felt his position was “untenable” because of the issue and what he saw as the unwillingness of In Bloom leaders to intervene.

He said: “I am, as of this minute, resigning, from Hunstanton In Bloom.”

He also urged the council to distance itself from Mr Ellis’ remarks.

Borough councillor Paul Beal said: “I know both parties and I wish you well in bringing that to a quick conclusion.”

Richard Bird added: “I just hope it can be resolved.”