Water leaking from hose during West Lynn planning inquiry visit

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Campaigners say their concerns about plans to build a waste transfer station have been justified after a tanker was seen leaking during a site visit on Monday.

Planning inspector Clive Sproule is running an inquiry into Anglian Water’s plans to build a sludge transfer scheme in West Lynn.

He was joined by councillors and members of West Lynn Says No during a site visit of the firm’s station in Clackclose, Clenchwarton.

Campaigner Denise Collins says water was leaking through a pipe covered in duct tape as a tanker transferred it’s waste.

She said: “It is a clear demonstration of what they don’t do and gives us no confidence that they are going to meet their commitments going forward.

“We have raised concerns about the spills and leaks. The site in West Lynn is right next to houses.”

A spokesperson said: “As a water recycling company we have to accept other people’s tankers onto our sites so they can offload private waste from properties and businesses for instance those with cess pits who are not on mains sewerage.

“Spillages from tankers on site are rare. However, if a spillage does occur it is immediately channelled back into our drainage system, and nothing leaves the site. There are multiple layers of protection in place to ensure this happens, and to protect the environment.

“Whilst on our water recycling site, another company’s tanker did have a small spillage from its transfer hose. This hose is only used while offloading, so there is no risk of leakage whilst travelling to the site.

“We have already notified the company that operates this tanker that the vehicle would be turned away in future if repairs are not carried out.”