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King's Lynn's weird food combinations include pizza and gravy, jam and cucumber and wotsits dipped in coffee

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Most people, in the privacy of their living room have a weird food combination of craving.

We asked our readers what their different combos are and got some surprising answers.

A woman from Downham called Harriet* admitted she "drinks vinegar" on a regular basis, and has it with cheese, crisps and even roast dinner.

Wotsits and coffe? Or vinegar with everything? (53266339)
Wotsits and coffe? Or vinegar with everything? (53266339)

She has gone so far as to carry vinegar in her handbag just in case restaurants don't have it.

She said:"McDonald's and KFC don't have vinegar, much to my disappointment- so I will often buy a bottle and carry it with me.

"The other day I felt that my lunch in Pizza Hut was ruined because they didn't have the condiment.

"I crave it and genuinely think I might be addicted to the stuff!"

However not any vinegar will do, as Harriet doesn't crave balsamic vinegar in the same way.

She said: "I like it on salad don't get me wrong, but it has to be malt or wine vinegar. I regularly send my boyfriend to the shop to get it, he's started to buy two bottles as I go through it so quickly."

Ellie Plumb has two combinations, one of which she says "everyone thinks is disgusting".

Ms Plum favours a peanut butter and salad cream sandwich, a habit she started as a child.

She said: "Everyone thinks its disgusting, I also dip wotsits in coffee, my brother used to do that too.

" I don't drink the coffee afterwards though, as there's a greasy cheesy rim around the top."

Jam combinations seemed to be popular, with some people mixing the sweet conserve with savoury items like egg.

Rebecca English admits she likes "jam and cucumber on crumpets".

Kirsty Whiteside likes "jam on toast dipped into a runny dippy egg".

Tracy Coe-scotney said:"I like Weetabix with butter and jam, mushy peas with sugar on top".

Other combinations were more mainstream.

Rick Elms enjoys boiled sausage and tinned tomatoes on toast and Lucy Poll likes pizza with mayo.

The most eye catching combination was from Festeve Searson who eats nutella and gherkin sandwiches.

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