Welcome for change in tractor speed law

Middle RAsen Tractor Run 2015 EMN-150121-080920001
Middle RAsen Tractor Run 2015 EMN-150121-080920001
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Government plans to increase the speed limit for tractor drivers have been welcomed by rural campaigners.

From next month, tractors will be able to travel at 25 miles per hour, instead of the current 20, and the maximum combined weight of a tractor and trailer will increase to 31 tonnes from 24 tonnes.

The moves have been backed by the Country Land and Business Association (CLA), whose Eastern regional director, Ben 
Underwood, said they would press for further reforms.

He said: “It is good to see a burden on the efficiency of agricultural businesses being removed in order to improve the competitiveness of our farmers.

“The changes more appropriately reflect the capabilities of modern agricultural machinery and bring the UK in line with our competitors in other EU member states.”