Wensum: Are your following recycling rules?

2/7/14- Recycling and rubbish bins in Robertsbridge. SUS-140207-123822001
2/7/14- Recycling and rubbish bins in Robertsbridge. SUS-140207-123822001
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How are you getting on with the new recycling arrangements? Since November we’ve been able to add more items to our green bins, including bottles and various cartons that were previously not acceptable.

When I went to local bottle banks after the Christmas rush it was only to discover that under the new regime they are no longer available. At least we can still access the Hempton ‘dump’ for bottles should the need arise.

According to the leader of Norfolk County Council, Tom Fitzpatrick, there has generally been good feedback on the recycling front with the system now being much more efficient and bringing in extra money.

The county reaps seven per cent of any profits although nothing as specific as numbers was mentioned when Mr Fitzpatrick addressed the town council this month.

It was a bit disturbing to learn that many householders fail to follow the rules when it comes to separating items for black and green bins. It was even revealed that part-full bottles of drink and other contents are frequently discarded which makes a mockery of the system.

When I mention this sort of thing to our dustmen – I’m sure they are called something more sophisticated these days – they tell of some weird and wonderful shortcomings. Even delivering items in the neighbourhood I’ve seen lots of green bins filled to overflowing with the ‘wrong’ sort of recyclables.

Surely it’s not beyond us all to sort things out properly and make the system work even more efficiently.

n Over the next three months our Safer Neighbourhood Team will be keeping a particular eye on three areas of concern in the town. These were highlighted by local officers at the most recent meeting of the Safer Neighbourhood Action Panel which helps through discussion to determine local police priorities.

One is to address poor driver behaviour along Bridge Street and also on The Drift and in Mervyn King Close. Another is to monitor speeding around the town and use of seat belts as well as inspecting for uninsured and untaxed vehicles.

A multi-agency approach makes this a particularly rigorous exercise. And the third is to take a close look at the use of mobility scooters on roads and pavements.

There was a lively chat about this, with some examples given of very poor driving. The regulation of these scooters, which are becoming increasingly popular just about everywhere, may need some extra attention. One of the problems would seem to be that many of those who use them have never driven before.

This can be a real liability in all sorts of traffic situations. Part of the police brief will be to help enhance safety awareness and maybe endorse some sort of activity-based programme.

n Two weeks ago I presented a run-down of the three meetings held at our racecourse in January.

Tony McCoy attended the one on January 13 which prompted me to include these words: “Even though the season still has three months to go he is already assured of taking his 20th successive championship title....There’s speculation that he may retire from riding this year and pursue other challenges. I won’t believe it until it happens.”

Well as the sporting world knows by now, it has happened and the great man will call it a day prior to the start of the 2015-16 season.

He rode at Fakenham on Friday which was likely be his final appearance here – and had two winners. It’s been my pleasure to follow his career right through and salute the best jump rider of his generation.

See report from Fakenham races on Pages 46 and 48.