West Lynn pupils tell the tale of 1066 and all that

freya mills surrounded by classmates at West Lynn Primary School with her winning account of the Battle of Hastings ANL-141219-124633001
freya mills surrounded by classmates at West Lynn Primary School with her winning account of the Battle of Hastings ANL-141219-124633001
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In October, the acting editor of the Lynn News, Mark Leslie, went along to meet the children of Russ Jones’ class at West Lynn Primary School.

The Year 6 children of class 5 were doing a class project on making a newspaper reporting the Battle of Hastings.

This is one of the reports of the battle by pupil Freya Mills.

“On the 14th October, 1066, the battle of Hastings was fought in the small town of Hastings and the fight for the English crown began between Harold Godwin and William the Conqueror.

“The battle has been fought because William the Conqueror had been promised the crown by Edward the Confessor, but Harold got it instead.

Harold is a Saxon and William, who was related to the Vikings, is a Norman. Harold had had enough on his plate before, as he had battled King Hardrada (the Viking king) and Tostig, who was Harold’s brother. In this battle, Harold’s army was horribly weakened and lost lots of men.

“The battle of Hastings started at 9am and finished at dusk. Harold was at Eva Blacksmith’s farm just before hand and she told them ‘William has 5000 troops’.

“Harold had 7,000. But Eva was corrected at the battle. William sent a few scouts out to look around. William devised a cunning plan to retreat and run to the top of the hill and then bombard the Saxons from the hill. ‘I think that we stand a chance of winning with my flawless plan!’ stated William. Once the Saxons, with King Harold, stormed up the hill after them and it seemed Harold’s plan to sneak south was ruined.

“His plan was thwarted because he had been spotted by a scout from William’s army and to his unpleasant surprise, he had 10,000 troops and at Hastings, the battle began. And oh my gosh, what a battle it was!

“Harold Godwin got shot in the eye by a passing arrow and thus the king died upon the battlefield. As you could imagine William was joyous. He wanted to reward the archer who did it, but two archers claimed that they had done it. Their names were Pascal and Willem.

“William is to be crowned on Christmas day this year. So if you are a fan, be sure to come and see the crowning. Everyone is welcome.

“And also, after William had won the battle, he went to Eva’s farm and had some cheese and Eva grew pretty fond of William and stated ‘I like William now, he is a very nice man’.

“However, many folk are wondering if it will happen again and people are now wondering about the Saxons who fled the battle alive. This newspaper reporter’s opinion is that it will not happen again for as long as William shall live. ‘We live in peace,’ stated a craftsman. So the future of England is safe (for now).

“Do you think that the future of England is safe or now? The next report will be on the crowning of William on Christmas Day.”