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West Norfolk beach visitors results in 'unusual levels of litter', councillor says

Authorities have teamed up to clear "unusual" levels of litter at a Norfolk beach car park.

Brancaster Parish Council placed an extra bin on Beach Road last Friday, but residents said this resulted in people seeing it as "a free reign to dump everything" next to it.

The litter was cleared up on Wednesday and loaded into a skip following the pile-up of litter as a result of increased numbers of people flocking to the beach during the hot weather.

Brancaster's beach
Brancaster's beach

Councillor Bob Lawton, of the borough and parish councils, said: "It was all due to the disgusting people who came to the beach, there are different types of people who have been going there due to the pandemic.

"They are not going abroad, and have been coming here instead. It is the Benidorm crowd and they really should take their rubbish home. They brought it here so they should take it back with them.

"We try our hardest to put bins out and if people do not use it properly it is down to them. We endeavour to keep it clean."

The Brancaster Beach Car Park has been packed in recent days
The Brancaster Beach Car Park has been packed in recent days

A resident said there had been more litter in three days earlier this week than he had seen in all his 10 years at the village.

The land is managed by the National Trust as part of the Brancaster Estate, which includes the beach and harbour.

Alastair Bradshaw, general manager for the National Trust on the North Norfolk coast said:

“A combination of warm weather and the easing of lockdown restrictions has meant we have seen high numbers of visitors at Brancaster Beach.

"We want visitors to enjoy their time at our places, and our outdoor teams are carrying out daily litter picks and working incredibly hard to keep our places open, safe and clean, but we need everyone’s help to keep them that way.

“We would urge everyone who visits Brancaster to take their litter home with them and are grateful that the majority of visitors already do this. Dropping litter or using already full bins puts extra pressure on our staff and local authorities at a time when resources are stretched.

“We are continuing to develop a shared approach to litter management with our partners in the area and ask that our visitors play their part in supporting that work too.”

The litter issue has been resolved and officials will be keeping a close eye on it during the rest of the summer while visitors are coming to the coast.

A spokesman for the Royal West Norfolk Golf Club, who own the land where an existing bin is located, said: "They put an extra bin right by the side of the road which attracted quite a lot of litter but it has now been sorted.

"It has been incredibly busy. Obviously we encourage visitors to the beach to take their litter away and by and large, that has worked with the kiosk and National Trust.

"We are just experiencing large numbers of people at the moment. It's a different volume of people which is creating the problem. We appreciate the parish council putting a bin there; it was a good thing to do, but it did not have the desired result.

"As a golf club, along with the National Trust, we will continue to do what we have always done in terms of keeping the litter down."

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