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West Norfolk cat owner demands law change following death of beloved pet

A West Norfolk pet owner has called for a change in the law after her cat was attacked and killed by a dog.

Rachel Brown is angry that her beloved pet apparently counts as “nothing” in the eyes of the law.

She had owned Ruby, a pedigree Russian Blue, since she was a kitten and they had a special bond.

Rachel Brown with Ruby as a kitten.
Rachel Brown with Ruby as a kitten.

“She was the sweetest, most gentle cat and didn’t deserve this,” said Rachel.

“I am completely shocked to find the police are powerless to do anything. Apparently it is not a crime when a dog attacks and kills a cat.”

While Rachel is pursuing a civil action in relation to the incident, which happened on July 15, she is also allowing Cats Protection to use Ruby’s story in its ongoing campaign to change the law.

Ruby died from injuries sustained in an incident with a dog.
Ruby died from injuries sustained in an incident with a dog.

Rachel is a receptionist with Cats Protection and was at work when a local vet called to break the news that 13-year-old Ruby had been killed by a dog.

“She was doing what she did every day, sitting in a sunny spot in the fields near my home at Ryston End when she was attacked.

“I was devastated and had to take time off work.

“It was made worse because there was no legal comeback or consequences. I am determined Ruby’s death should not be brushed under the carpet so I have agreed that Cats Protection should use her case as part of its campaign and lobbying to get the law changed.

“It won’t bring Ruby back but maybe something positive will come from this.”

Cats Protection says it wants a specific offence to be created within legislation relating to dangerous dogs to allow prosecution of dog owners whose dogs attack, injure or kill cats.

The charity said: “The vast majority of dog owners are responsible owners and keep their dog(s) under control.

“However, where an owner does fail to control their dog and the dog injures or kills a cat the law needs strengthening because an attack on a cat can denote a dangerous dog.”

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