West Norfolk community group pleas for materials following theft

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A community group from West Norfolk has made a passionate plea for much-needed raw materials after being cleared out by thieves.

The West Acre-based Outrageous Nature Company CIC need a number of building products after timber and roofing materials were stolen from their woodland home.

The non profit-making group, who are run by volunteers, aims to help people of all ages connect with nature to promote wellbeing.

They work with vulnerable groups (such as young people excluded from mainstream education, young offenders, people with mental illness etc) using the Forest School approach of making repeated visits to a woodland to build confidence, practical skills and a sense of community.

Teresa Dowding, from The Outrageous Nature Company CIC said: “Losing the building materials has been really disappointing.

“We were hoping to have the loo built ready for the start of the projects, as it would be a more welcoming facility than going behind a bush.”

Martin Smith, also from the group, added “We hope that the local community might help us by donating unwanted building materials.

“We are looking for treated timber (4x2, 3x2, 6x2) or decking, downpipe and guttering, shuttering ply (18mm), chicken wire and heavy duty canvas for the roof.”

Louise Ambrose, from the Forest School Association, said: “Forest School programmes can make lasting change to peoples lives – improving their self esteem, social skills and understanding of the natural world.

“I do hope that this theft does not delay the start of these projects for the young people who will benefit greatly from them.”

The Birkbeck family allowed the Outrageous Nature Company CIC to use an area of woodland on their West Acre estate for their project.

The CIC managed to gain a small grant to help pay for the building materials and the building process was all on track until the theft.

If you are local to the area and able to help, please contact the group at: outrageousnature@gmail.com