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West Norfolk copper share memorable moments of his career

Memorable Moments of a Met Copper (book) �' 1967-1997 by David Dugmore from Downham Market
Memorable Moments of a Met Copper (book) �' 1967-1997 by David Dugmore from Downham Market

A former superintendent is releasing a book about his memorable moments to unmask the mysterious of working in the police force.

David Dugmore, from Downham, is author of Memorable Moments of a Met Copper – 1969-1997, a series of stark, disturbing and harrowing stories and short anecdotes of his 30-year career.

The author shares some of the horror, humour, fear and sadness he experienced in the force, including the on-duty death of his colleague and being rained with missiles in a riot.

Mr Dugmore said: “The book includes funny extracts and sad extracts from my time in the force. I just wrote about what I experienced in the police force, the memorable moments.

“It was my two daughters who persuaded me to write about my experiences as a way to keep my mind occupied after I was taken into hospital with cancer of the bone.

“I was released after three months in hospital and I returned home. But, my mobility was affected because of the cancer and as a result I now can’t walk a great deal.”

After his daughters convinced him that his Metropolitan Police memories would interest readers, Mr Dugmore began writing his book for family and friends.

“I really wrote it for my family and friends to read. I have three young grandsons, and so they may be interested in reading it when they get older,” said Mr Dugmore.

“They may know my name, but they may not know much about me. This way they can read my book and get a flavour of what I am like.”

Mr Dugmore sent his book to four publishers including Melrose Books in Ely, who picked it up for its commercial value.

The publishers reportedly told the author that ordinary people would be interested in reading about what a career in the police force entails.

The former superintendent intends to donate all his book proceeds to Macmillan nurses at Lynn’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital once he has covered his publishing costs.

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