West Norfolk Council backs crematorium inspection call

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West Norfolk Council has said that it would welcome any move by the Government to impose an inspection regime on crematoria.

Nationally, the move has been prompted by shock at the revelation in Shrewsbury that parents were not being given back the ashes of their dead babies.

West Norfolk Council is responsible for Mintlyn Crematorium in Bawsey.

David Pope, cabinet member for ICT, leisure and public space, said: “Whilst we have not yet read the entire report, it does recommend the introduction of an inspection regime.

“As a provider of cremation services, we would welcome the introduction of any external verification and inspection of practices and procedures. This would provide additional assurance to bereaved families that they can trust and rely on the service we offer.

“We strive to provide the best service we can and have recently invested significantly in ensuring our cremation equipment is fit for purpose.”

“Our practices and procedures follow national statutory guidance and our staff are highly trained to ensure they are appropriately implemented. Any regime that would provide a further guarantee or assurance to bereaved families would be a good thing.”