West Norfolk Council debates fairness of brown bin charge

Brown bins. Photo: Paul Franks
Brown bins. Photo: Paul Franks

There were mixed opinions about an additional charge for garden waste bin users at a West Norfolk Council meeting on Thursday.

Anyone living in the borough who wants to use a brown bin has to pay £47 per year for the service, but there is an extra £5 charge for those who do not pay for this by direct debit.

Council leader Brian Long, who is cabinet member for environment, said this was because the price of administration would end up costing the taxpayer more if it was not taken directly from individuals.

Councillor John Collop said: “There must be people do not want to pay an extra £5 for their brown bins, as it is another charge on top.”

He added that he felt that this was upsetting a certain section of the population who might not want to pay by direct debit.

It was argued by Mr Long that, as the number of bins in circulation is increasing, residents could not be that upset.

He added: “If people want to come in and pay with pennies, that’s fine, but we have to pay someone to count those pennies.”