West Norfolk Council to switch car park keypads back on after two years

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Drivers may soon need to tap in their car registration numbers to park in Lynn again after council leaders confirmed they intend to re-introduce the practice to its car parks.

Keypads were installed when new ticket machines, which cost more than £180,000, were installed at West Norfolk Council-operated car parks in Lynn and Hunstanton in June 2013.

However, they were turned off just five months later, and haven’t been used since, when many drivers complained they couldn’t see the keys in the dark.

During last Thursday’s full council meeting, Labour’s Gary McGuinness criticised the length of time that had been allowed to pass since the pads had been turned off without a resolution being implemented.

At the time they were switched off, council leaders said the decision would just cover that winter.

And Mr McGuinness said: “We went to great expense to put these keypads in and the fact they haven’t been used for two years is a concern.”

But the meeting was told the issues which led to the switch-off have now been addressed.

David Pope, cabinet member for ICT, leisure and public space, said: “The pads have been changed so they can be seen in the dark.”

Asked by Mr McGuinness whether that meant there were plans to bring the pads back into use, Mr Pope answered: “Yes, there are.”

He also claimed there had been no complaints about the ticket machines for the free 20 minute parking spaces in the borough, where drivers still have to enter their registration numbers.

n What do you think? Is the council right to put the keypads back into use? Or is it a step too far that might put people off coming into the town centre?

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