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West Norfolk councillor books test for Wisbech site using Aberystwyth postcode

The deputy leader of the West Norfolk Council Group of Independents was able to book a test for her son after using postcodes from Edinburgh and Aberystwyth to receive a QR code.

Having been unable to book a test online, Sandra Squire of Outwell went to her nearest test centre at Wisbech where staff suggested she used a different postcode.

This was in response to people such as Mrs Squire being unable to book tests after receiving no QR code for their own address. People have been reportedly turned away from test centres for not having the code.

Councillor Sandra Squire
Councillor Sandra Squire

But the councillor was able to resolve this issue after using postcodes in Edinburgh and the Welsh town.

Mrs Squire said: “We go to the Wisbech test centre and it’s completely empty so I did wonder who the tests are actually for. Are they for people from Aberystwyth?!

“I have spoken to a few other people who have tried using a different postcode and it has succeeded. On Monday in the Commons, an MP from Kent said people had been using postcodes just to get a test so it is common.”

The councillor tried to book a test after her 10-year-old son had snivels and a sore throat. He was also coughing and had a 39 degree temperature.

She originally thought this was picked up at school, but by Sunday she felt he needed a test as he still had symptoms.

Mrs Squire said: "It came back as negative thankfully so I sent him back to school much to his disgust!

"I contacted both of the schools about my two sons and they were both very understanding and know what is going on, and how hard it is."

The county councillor added: "The whole thing has been a complete shambles to be honest. I do not like to criticise the government but testing should be encouraged locally. They knew when the schools were going back so they should have been better prepared for it."

Her comments come after angry residents complained about being turned away from tests at Lynnsport this week. One woman took to social media to say every car behind hers was being turned away as well, despite the centre appearing to be "completely empty".

She posted: "All these people need those tests in that van but we can't get to them. What a joke, what a shambles!

"They are on our doorstep and we can't access them due to the website not showing any appointments in our area (every couple of hours for a few days). Absolutely unbelievable."

North West Norfolk MP raised the issue of Lynn's testing centre problems in parliament earlier this week , which was acknowledged by health secretary Matt Hancock.

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