West Norfolk joins sepsis campaign

Dr Paull Williams ANL-160728-113157001
Dr Paull Williams ANL-160728-113157001
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NHS West Norfolk Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has joined forces with the UK Sepsis Trust to raise awareness of the condition.

The life-threatening illness claims thousands of lives a year in the UK but it is hoped that clinical toolkits will help clinicians spot symptons of the infection.

A range of posters, leaflets and other awareness raising materials have also been made available for use in surgery reception areas and waiting rooms.

The CCG staged an educational event for West Norfolk GPs on the early identification of sepsis on June 30.

Dr Paul Williams, West Norfolk CCG’s governing body member responsible for prescribing and education, said: “Sepsis is sometimes difficult to diagnose and the earlier treatment starts the better chance for the patient to recover. The toolkits and computer alerts on our shared health systems will flag up potential sepsis cases to GPs and A&E doctors to allow us to make the diagnosis as early as possible and save lives.”

Dr Ron Daniels, chief executive of the UK Sepsis Trust, said: “West Norfolk CCG is doing crucial work in employing these toolkits, which provide the means to spot and treat sepsis quickly by working with the system.”

Every year in the UK there are 150,000 cases of Sepsis, resulting in 44,000 deaths – more than bowel, breast and prostate cancer combined.

Sepsis is caused by the way the body responds to germs, such as bacteria, getting into the body. The infection may have started anywhere in a sufferer’s body, and may be only in one part of the body or it may be widespread.