West Norfolk Labour activists condemn bids to oust Corbyn

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn on a visit to King's Lynn last year
Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn on a visit to King's Lynn last year
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Labour activists in West Norfolk have backed party leader Jeremy Corbyn despite calls from MPs for him to resign.

Members of the South West Norfolk constituency party backed a motion supporting his leadership during a meeting held at the Swaffham Community Centre last Wednesday.

And they also took the opportunity to criticise those they see as plotting against the leader, who was only elected in September last year.

The motion said: “This CLP is disappointed that in this time of political crisis, the opportunity has been taken by a small minority of members who are privileged to represent the Labour Party in Parliament, to challenge Jeremy Corbyn’s role as leader of the Labour Party.

​“​We, members of South West Norfolk Labour Party, declare our wholehearted support for our democratically elected leader and resolve to do everything in our power to defend his position and, if necessary, ask our members to re-elect him as leader should a further election be forced upon the majority of the party by a tiny minority.”

The meeting also backed calls for a show of unity with minority groups in the area, following Britain’s vote to leave the European Union last month.

Activists say that groups including the Polish community in Swaffham and Kurdish and Eastern European populations in Downham are facing a rise in cases of abuse following the vote.

The fear has been expressed despite assurances from Norfolk Police that there has not been an increase in such cases in the county.

A vigil organised by the North West Norfolk constituency Labour party in support of minority communities across the borough was held in Lynn last Friday evening.