West Norfolk lakes performing well for new season

Gavin Grange's 14lb 8oz common from Shepherd's Lake.
Gavin Grange's 14lb 8oz common from Shepherd's Lake.
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The new season has started on the lakes, and all are performing well with good catches being reported from all.

Springside: Roach and rudd have been showing well on the waggler when presenting maggot on the hook.

Tench to 5lb have again been the big feeders during the last week as plenty of tench have been recorded, both on the tip and on the waggler when fishing close to the margin presenting corn as a hook bait.

Carp to 13lb have also shown on carp style tactics on a range of carp style baits.

Shepherd’s Port: Queen’s Lake has seen plenty of anglers searching for the bream, only the smaller bream to 3lb appeared on the tip. Roach and rudd also showed when targeted.

Worm and caster are the better baits to attract the bream.

Bear Lake is continuing where it finished off at the end of last season.

This prolific water continues to produce solid sport when fished on any method.

Pole anglers and tip anglers are both finding the carp feeding. Tip is working well when presenting the bait close to the island to find the carp to 9lb feeding.

Pole anglers are also having some success when fishing tight to the island. Pellet and corn work well.

Shepherd’s Lake: The odd chub has been showing throughout the week, it has been relatively quiet for the bream but the carp to 15lb have been showing on carp style tactics during a busy week.

Heacham angler Gavin Grange (pictured) had a 14lb 8oz common during a recent visit to Shepherd’s Lake when fishing carp style tactics.

Ken Hill: roach and rudd showing well on pinkie, maggot and caster on the early pegs. It is still quite wet down at Ken Hill so only the first few swims are accessable.

Tottenhill: Despite the lack of anglers the ones that have been on the bank have been finding the bream to 5lb showing on the tip when offering corn as a hook bait.

A number of carp to 12lb 8oz has also been showing throughout the week when targeted on carp style tactics. Best baits have been corn, meat and pellet.