West Norfolk MP on mission to grow exports

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Environment Secretary South West Norfolk MP Elizabeth Truss visited China recently to promote some of the best of Britain’s food and drink products.

Last week’s trip pursued new opportunities for UK producers to sell to Chinese consumers, giving companies like Cranswick Country Foods, which has a base near Thetford, greater access to China’s valuable specialist food market expected to be worth £39bn this year.

Ms Truss said: “The UK has a worldwide reputation for producing top quality food and drink and we are increasingly seeing British firms taking advantage of the growing demand in China for our produce, from whisky and pork to Yorkshire tea.

“I was delighted to be joined on our latest trade visit by Cranswick Country Foods, who are already blazing a trail with their exports to China.

“With UK exports of food and drink to China having more than doubled in the past five years there are plenty of opportunities for businesses across the country to follow in their footsteps.”

Cranswick currently exports £24m of pork products to China every year and has set its sights on the country’s growing market for top-quality UK processed pork.

Businesses across the country are now growing thanks to increased trade with countries like China, boosting local economies and creating new jobs. Cranswick employs almost 8,000 people.