West Norfolk on right track for improved links

Caroline Williams ENGANL00120131017110042
Caroline Williams ENGANL00120131017110042
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All over West Norfolk you just have to mention road and rail links and, more than in the past there is a feeling of progression.

The agreed improvements to the King’s Lynn to Ely railway line, the changes to the A47, although they need to get closer to King’s Lynn still, and further south, of course ,the dualled A11 will all serve to make business life better.

And the reason we feel good about them is not just the potential for easier travelling itself, but the effort and determination we all put in to making the changes happen.

We lobbied and worked at it. It was a long road, but we are getting there.

It’s a metaphor for business success and life in general.

Sometimes you simply have to stick at things if you want to achieve your goals. And in West Norfolk we’re good at that.

Two very recent, and high profile, examples spring to mind.

The International Hanse Day Festival in King’s Lynn has been consistently developed since its beginnings in 2009 to become the outstanding event it was this year. A progression we all should be proud of.

And in the wider region, of course, there’s Norwich City Football Club.

It’s not too late to add my congratulations on their promotion, but the point I’m making here is the sheer determination it took the team to get to Wembley – and beyond.

West Norfolk is home to companies that have pioneered products and delivered world class service. Their achievements have often been the result of long term strategies and a massive effort to make the case for the region as much as themselves.

Our passion is matched only by our persistence. They’re two vital qualities, and we have them in abundance.

There may be some work still to do on our road and rail links.

The same goes for West Norfolk’s successful companies as they continue to grow.

I don’t see any of them giving up though. We don’t do that here. We stick at it until we win. We stay on the road ahead.