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West Norfolk pensioner’s faulty bus pass is not the ticket

Reggie Gray
Reggie Gray

A West Norfolk pensioner claims he is being forced to pay for a replacement bus pass even though it is not lost or damaged.

Reggie Gray, 81, from Dersingham, says using his bus pass is embarrassing because it is not functioning properly and is holding up other passengers.

Mr Gray says he has been trying to resolve this issue with Norfolk County Council, but was told he would have to pay £10 for a replacement even though it is not lost or potentially broken.

He said: “I would have no problem about paying for a replacement bus pass if it was lost, damaged or broken.

“But, my pass isn’t any of these so I don’t see why I have to pay £10 to replace something that should be working.

“When I try to use the pass it does not register and the bus drivers have to enter my fare manually. I find this quite embarrassing.

“The pass is not stopping me from using the buses but it is holding up the process because it is not working as it should.

“They asked me to send my bus pass over to them, but I refused this because I would then be left without one for some time and I use it four or five times a week.”

A spokesman from Norfolk County Council said Mr Gray should get in touch with their customer service centre on 0344 800 8020.

They added: “When he calls he can request a new card and at the same time he should also request for his old card to be tested to see if it is faulty.

“He will need to go through the usual process of applying for a new card which involves paying £10 and he will need to send his current card to us so we can test it.

“However if when we test the card we find it is faulty we would be happy to refund the £10 to him.”

The spokesman said it is quite unusual for these cards to be faulty and “if they are not working properly then unfortunately it tends to be due to some damage to the chip which can often be very difficult to see”.

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