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West Norfolk’s young carers to benefit from new scheme

Roger Partridge running GEAR for West Norfolk Carers.'Ready for the off, Roger Partridge and Jane Evans (Ceo WHC)
Roger Partridge running GEAR for West Norfolk Carers.'Ready for the off, Roger Partridge and Jane Evans (Ceo WHC)

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The Community Interest Company, which should be in place later this month, aims to advance whole family and younger carers’ functionality and support services in West Norfolk.

The scheme has three main objectives including, promoting and developing families and younger carers’ wellbeing by the provision of individual and whole family support, and improving the lives of children and young people by offering them individual and group support to develop their emotional resilience.

West Norfolk Carers chief executive officer, Jane Evans, said: “We want to give families better support and more of our time. We also want to help children and let children be children. They should be able to go to school and play with their friends without worrying about what is happening at home.

“A lot of children miss out on school or some school lessons because they are caring for their family instead.

“We want to allow them time to build up their resilience and we want to teach them how to deal with the difficult situations.

“With all the recent cuts to funding, our support will be able to help people access the help they need rather than having to go without.”

West Norfolk Carers offers help to unpaid carers of all ages, relieving them from their feelings of loneliness, responsibility and helplessness by providing professional support, advice and guidance.

This care aims to help them overcome the emotional, financial and physical challenges presented by their caring role.

She added: “We have a carer as young as four-years-old. We offer support to this family in a different way because of the age of the carer. Our oldest carer is aged 97, and this person cares for somebody who is 95. We want to help everyone we can.

“We are all very excited about this scheme and the board is very much behind it. It is a fresh innovative way to support families and to work with people in West Norfolk who need our support.”

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