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West Norfolk schoolboy in isolation until hair grows back

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A West Norfolk schoolboy has been put in isolation because an “inappropriate” haircut that his family says was deemed acceptable by the army.

Damon Steel, 15, who attends the Marshland High School in West Walton, is set to remain in isolation until his hair grows back because his cut is considered to conflict with the school’s uniform policy.

But his mother, Elizabeth, said: “It is absolutely ridiculous to say that his hairstyle is unsuitable for a learning environment.

“My son is involved in the cadets. He was at the Wisbech Armed Forces weekend, and his sergeant said his haircut was good enough for the army.

“I don’t understand how the hairstyle can be good enough for the army, but not good enough for the school.”

Having received over 46,000 shares and 34,000 reactions on a Facebook post about the issue, the vast majority of social media users appear to support Ms Steel and agreed the school’s response was ‘ridiculous’.

The school declined to comment on the issue when approached by the Lynn News.

But its uniform policy says: “All pupils’ hair should remain a natural colour and the style of the hair should not make the pupil stand out. A haircut which leaves a child totally bald is not acceptable.”

Ms Steel said: “The school didn’t even inform me about the situation. It was my son who told me all about this. When he was sent into isolation the school made him sign a form accepting blame for his actions.

“My son has done nothing wrong. They are now affecting his education by doing this. They are not only affecting him, but they are also affecting his family with all of the stress involved.

“I just can’t understand how this haircut can prevent anyone from learning. His dad has the same hairstyle and he has a successful business.

“He manages to conduct his business meetings with any haircut, and he is in a professional environment. It really is absolutely ridiculous.”

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