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West Norfolk schools transfer to new Trust

Seven West Norfolk primary and infant schools have transferred to the mid-Norfolk based Multi Academy Trust Unity Education Trust.

They are Greyfriars Primary, Kings Oak Infants, Highgate Infants, St Germans Primary, Magdalen Primary, Wimbotsham and Stow Primary and the Churchill Park complex needs school at Lynn.

Until June 1, they were all part of the Kwest Multi Academy Trust (MAT) based at Lynn.

Greyfriars Primary School
Greyfriars Primary School

Unity chief executive officer, Glyn Hambling, said they were delighted to welcome the seven schools to their “family” It was a move, he said with benefits all round both to them and to the Unity Trust. The move will involve 717 teachers and a total of 3,342 young people.

Unity was established in 2017, initially with a cluster of mid-Norfolk schools and two years later it expanded to take over another Trust which included schools at Roseberry Avenue, Lynn, and Pott Row.

Mr Hambling started his career at Smithdon High School where he was a PE teacher and involved in sport across the area.

“It means I am well aware of the schools in West Norfolk” he said.

Mr Hambling said the transfer request came last year.

He said that the trusts had been working in partnership since December before the final approval of the merger. in that time they worked “to get to know the schools inside out.

“Now the Kwest schools are a part of the Unity family,” he said.

He added: “We are not a Trust looking to empire build. The schools will all keep their unique identity but there are benefits for everyone.”

He said the Unity MAT was absolutely delighted about the transfer. The move would create a larger pool of teachers and experiences and from the financial aspect would give it greater procurement and bargaining powers and efficiency.

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