West Norfolk tai chi member raises £800 for Stroke Association

Graham Taylor, Hayley Taylor, Diane West (Stroke Association)
Graham Taylor, Hayley Taylor, Diane West (Stroke Association)

An ancient Chinese art used to keep people of all ages fit and well has helped to raise money for the Stroke Association in West Norfolk.

The donation for £800 was raised at Tai Chi sessions and was inspired by Graham Taylor, who is a keen member of the group.

Graham had a stroke at the end of December 2013 and started attending regular Tai Chi sessions run by the Stroke Association during 2014.

Graham has made fantastic progress and fundraises yearly to help keep these sessions running in West Norfolk, Lynn.

Tai Chi aids the progression of balance and coordination and also promotes relaxation using breathing techniques.

Graham who has now been training dogs for 50 years this year, and his wife Hayley run ‘Game Flight Gun Dogs’ Training facility and have been fund raising for this specific Stroke Association group for the past three years.

With the help of Linda and Brian Chilvers the training event is followed by a meal locally where an auction and raffle takes place for participants to bid and help raise funds for the Stroke Association.

A spokeswoman for the Stroke Association, said: “Graham has excelled himself this year, raising an amazing £800.

“Without the help of these sort of donations it would be extremely difficult to maintain the facilities offered by the Stroke Association and the Groups.”

Graham and Linda both attended the cheque presentation to Diane West, who is the stroke prevention coordinator for West Norfolk on Thursday, March 23.

Linda said: “Graham feels very passionate about helping the Stroke Association’s Tai Chi group as he found this extremely beneficially after having his stroke.”

The NHS is currently running a high-profile campaign on recognising the symptons of a stroke. FAST – when a stroke strikes look for a fallen face; can they raise their arms? And is their speech slurred? If it is yes to these, then it is time to act.