Westacre Theatre brings to life Python Palin’s TV comedy Crooked Wood

MLNF Crooked Wood 'L to R = Richard Morgan; Issy Huckle; David Connor; Stephen Rimmer; Katherine Shaw
MLNF Crooked Wood 'L to R = Richard Morgan; Issy Huckle; David Connor; Stephen Rimmer; Katherine Shaw
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In a stage adaptation, Westacre Theatre presents the memorable ‘Crooked Wood’ television production by Michael Palin, which opens on November 17.

The story concerns Miss Barwick who likes to have visitors at her life-long home where she is surrounded by her treasured possessions.

In this imaginative stage adaptation by Gillian Plowman, Westacre Theatre brings to life the TV presentation by former Monty Python star Palin. The mood is set for an extremely entertaining play with comic irony at its core.

The 87 year-old is convinced that her caller has come to repair her stairs, floor and roof.

But actually he is the ruthless property developer who wants to bulldoze her house.

Her decaying house has its dilapidated charm so why would the formidable Miss Barwick wish to move anywhere else?

But a lucrative financial deal means that Golden Future Properties needs our defiant heroine to move out of the last remaining house on this site now ripe for redevelopment.

However, the traditional Miss Barwick squares up for a civilised confrontation.

Keeping that vital one step ahead, her battle of wits reveals how one highly principled old lady can hold back the ominous drift of contemporary greed.

As you may expect, Westacre Theatre makes the most of the considerable laughter in noted writer Palin’s comedy.

And keeping you on your toes throughout this extra special story are several surprise twists and turns.

There is one thing you can do to make sure Miss Barwick’s lights work properly − and you can only find out what that is by seeing Crooked Wood.

Opening on stage from Friday, November 17, tickets are now available online from www.westacretheatre.com or from the Box Office on 01760 755800.