What a load of ballots! King’s Lynn estate faces three elections in five weeks after snap poll call

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Voters in one area of Lynn will go to the polls three times in five weeks, following the shock announcement of a snap General Election.

People living on the Fairstead estate were already facing county and borough polls in successive weeks next month.

But, after prime minister Theresa May revealed her plan for a national poll on June 8, some residents have hit out at the electoral logjam.

One, Beverley Edwards, said she didn’t believe people would vote in all three polls.

She said: “They don’t know whether they’re coming or going do they?

“People are fed up with it and they don’t know why there’s going to be an election.”

Terry Harle said he couldn’t see the point of a fresh election, adding: “She’s in there. Let her get on with it.”

And Adrian Callaby said the “backbiting” over Brexit had to stop.

He said: “Whichever way you look at it, we’ve voted to come out and we should come together as one country to get on with it.”

With Norfolk County Council elections arranged for Thursday, May 4, it was announced earlier this month that a by-election for the estate’s vacant West Norfolk Council seat would take place one week later on May 11.

The seat has been vacant since the death of the previous incumbent, Ian Gourlay, in February.

Borough council officials have confirmed they cannot move the poll, now the date has been set and nominations have closed.

They say May 11 was felt to be the best available date for the election, once a formal request for it had been made, in order to avoid confusion for voters.

But the estate’s current borough councillor Margaret Wilkinson, who is also seeking re-election to the county council, fears some residents are unclear about what is happening.

She is also concerned the timing of the general election will affect turnout for the local polls.

She said: “It’s a little bit much really to expect people to go out three times.”

Jonathan Hayes said he was “not bothered” about the local election and was only likely to vote in June.

He praised Mrs May, saying: “She knows what she’s doing and if we’re coming out of the EU, we’re going to need a strong person.”

But another resident, who declined to be named, was critical of what she felt was the lack of information given to residents about who is standing.

She said: “They’re all going to be moaning about low turnout, but if they can’t be bothered to go round and talk to people, why should they expect people to vote?”