Why not make former Hunstanton school a medical centre?

The former school in Valentine Road, Hunstanton ANL-160331-083039001
The former school in Valentine Road, Hunstanton ANL-160331-083039001
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Prior to closure last year, generations of Hunstanton children were educated at the school in Valentinue Road.

In fact, until the secondary school opened in 1954, many pupils received all their schooling in this fine Victorian building.

Now, although its future will be determined by Norfolk County Council, a covenant imposed by the le Strange Estate may restrict its use to educational purposes.

This could see the building being used to provide larger premises for the library, currently occupying a much smaller site next to the bus station.

However, another possibility favoured by local resident Brian Holmes, would be a ‘walk-in’ medical centre with facilities to cope with the increasing number of elderly patients and the seasonal influx of visitors.

Mr Holmes said: “The former school is ideally situated for this purpose, being just across the road from the doctors’ surgery, which cannot offer the kind of procedures available to patients at larger medical practices in Lynn and elsewhere.

“This would attract health professionals who currently seem reluctant to work in a town with such limited medical facilities.”