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Chris Sargisson, Norfolk Chambers of Commerce CEO chats with Will Mayes of Layrd Design, a commercial interior design company.

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Recently I spoke to William Mayes, of Layrd Design, a commercial interior design company based in Burnham Market.

We spoke about the workplace and how important it was for people using it. He said: "The millennial workforce is asking for more flexibility and diversity in how, and when they work, and employers are having to look at ways to retain talented staff. The dynamics of workplace wellbeing is one of the main drivers of our projects."

I also asked him about his top tips for workspace design featured on his website. I asked what role colour, lighting or creating breakout spaces played when creating a productive workspace.

William Mayes of Layrd Design (24008655)
William Mayes of Layrd Design (24008655)

He told me: "Diversity within the workspace is the key area to address for most of our clients. Employees, including myself, are not productive working at the same desk for eight hours a day.

"These less traditional workspaces also promote interaction between staff members and therefore help to build stronger relationships between employees."

I also asked him about the emergence of biophilic design, which is a concept used within the building industry to increase connectivity to the natural environment and how this impacted wellbeing.

Chris Sargission, CEO Norfolk Chambers of Commerce (24008651)
Chris Sargission, CEO Norfolk Chambers of Commerce (24008651)

He explained: "Introducing biophilic elements into a workspace has been proven to reduce stress levels, enhance moods and improve both creativity and productivity levels in employees. This is because visual links to nature boost the creation of the melatonin hormone which affects people's energy levels.

"Incorporating vegetation and plants into office spaces can also improve air quality significantly and potentially lead to a healthier workforce with reduced days of absence.

"The emergence of new and affordable biophilic design options has defiantly been a big part in making workplace wellness more accessible to companies of all sizes. There are now options to suit all client budgets, introducing these makes an instant impact on the space."

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