Wildlife centre holds big day out at Welney

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Latest environment news from the Lynn News, lynnnews.co.uk, @lynnnewscitizen on Twitter
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What better place to celebrate World Wetland Day on Sunday than at the wildlife centre on West Norfolk’s doorstep, the Welney Wetland Centre.

Visitors will be able to go out early in the morning on small mammal surveys and watch the start of the bird-ringing, to the backdrop of thousands of swans flying overhead.

Throughout the day there will be guided walks, commentated swan feeds, owl pellet dissection and plenty of activities for families including the winter nature trail.

World Wetlands Day is a chance to recognise the importance of this type of habitat and its benefits not only for wildlife but fur us humans too, all around the world.

Emma Brand, Events & Marketing Officer, said: “Wetlands are one of the most biodiverse habitats on earth.

“They are home to more wildlife and plant species than any other habitat, yet few people realise just how important they are even for us humans.

“Wetlands provide ‘ecosystem services’ which we rely on and take for granted such as filtering water, flood protection, food, raw materials and carbon storage.

“Visitors can not only get closer to nature with the activities that we are putting on to celebrate the day but they can enjoy the sense of wellbeing that connecting with wildlife and being outside in a beautiful landscape can offer.

“At last year’s event we saw an 80 per cent catch rate on the small mammal surveys allowing people to fantastic views of wood mice, bank voles and field voles. These small creatures are normally too small and secretive for us to see.”

The schedule of activities is as follows:

n 7-8.30am Small mammal surveys (limited places so prior booking is advised)

n 7-8.30am Swan flight out

n 7am-3pm Bird ringing

n 11am Guided walk

n 11am – 3pm Owl pellet dissection and family activities

n 12 Swan feed and talk

n 1pm Guided walk

n 3.30pm Swan feed and talk

n 6.30pm Swan feed and talk

During World Wetlands Day staff at the centre will be posting updates of the findings on to the WWT Welney Facebook and Twitter pages and will encourage visitors to do the same.

For more information on World Wetlands Day at WWT Welney, including details of activities, please see the website at www.wwt.org.uk/welney or contact the centre on 01353 860711.