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Is my job going to be replaced by a robot? Human Capital Department column, Lynn News

By Lynn News Reporter

In all areas of our lives, people are being replaced by machines! Do you remember petrol pump attendants? I do, but only just!

Nowadays we pay at the pump, or go into the kiosk, and so called “petrol jockeys” are no longer needed.

Peter Lawrence, director of Human Capital Department (4590221)
Peter Lawrence, director of Human Capital Department (4590221)

More recently many supermarkets have replaced checkout operators and we as customers are required to self-scan our groceries. Once you get used to this it can be quicker as there is no queue, and it saves any embarrassing questions about your choice of products, or why you don’t have a loyalty card.

If there’s a problem at home, for example, with the phone or TV, you – the customer – will have to go through a diagnostic, before an engineer is called out. Similarly, we are being encouraged to fit smart meters for our utilities such as electric and gas, which saves someone having to read the meter, and another job is lost.

Manufacturing companies in the region are also using robotics and automation, and in agriculture machines are replacing people. A little while ago on BBC TV Look East a robot challenged a strawberry picker to see who was fastest. Guess who won.

At Human Capital Department we believe that people will always be needed. Not just because people are more dexterous than machines or that’s it’s cheaper to employ people. People are also intelligent and can work in teams to resolve complex problems. They can do higher value tasks that machines cannot do – yet. And people can be trained and developed.

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