Will’s tour set to close at Pentney

Will Bannister
Will Bannister

Singer-songwriter Will Banister is due to finish a tour of Britain at Pentney Bowls Club on Monday, June 26.

From Clovis, New Mexico, Will made a stunning debut at the International Festival of Country Music in 2012 in Wembley.

Douglas McPherson’s review said: “The most memorable moment [of the festival] found 23-year- old Will Banister wowing the crowd with a sublimely straightforward Lovesick Blues. Sixty-three years after Hank Williams sang the same song, it was proof that country, like rock ‘n’ roll, will never die.”

Having first made inroads with his debut album Turned Her On To Country, Will made his UK debut a performance that would not soon be forgotten.

He kicked off the set with the title track from his album, then continued with other original songs alongside classics Lovesick Blues and White Lightnin’, his powerful vocals accompanied by the solid work of his six-member Mulberry Band. He encored with another original, Never Been Any Other Way.

With the Wembley crowd still eager for more, Will returned to the stage later in the evening, to be interviewed by m.c. David Allan.

Off stage, he was kept busy signing autographs for almost five hours and sold a staggering 400 CDs.

Will is following in the footsteps of Dolly Parton, Don Williams and Boxcar Willie, all of whom launched their successful British careers after similar rapturous festival debuts.

He is supported on this tour by Jake Carter and Jordan Mogey.